Parent's Guide to the New National Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements

October 2014

National Curriculum - What you need to know.

From September 2014, the old National Curriculum, along with its levels and level descriptions were removed and not replaced.

The new National Curriculum is designed to give schools genuine opportunities to take ownership of the curriculum. The new programmes of study set out what pupils should be taught by the end of each key stage. Teachers are now able to develop a school curriculum that delivers the core content in a way that is challenging and relevant for our pupils.

National Curriculum Tests - What you need to know

This year will be the last year children in year 2 and 6 will be tested on the OLD National Curriculum using the OLD Levels.  As a result, these two year groups are still following the OLD National Curriculum .

  • Statutory national curriculum tests at key stages 1 and 2 will continue. The first tests based on the new national curriculum will take place in summer 2016.
  • The new national curriculum tests will be more demanding, with a higher and more ambitious expected standard. This will ensure that pupils who clear the bar are genuinely ready to succeed in secondary education.
  • National curriculum test results will then be reported using a scaled score, and will compare pupils against the national cohort by decile.

Assessment at Kingsfield - What you need to know

How we teach our curriculum and track our progress pupils against it, is now for us to decide. We are able to focus our teaching, assessment and reporting not on a set of opaque level descriptions, but on the essential knowledge that all pupils should learn. There is a clear separation between ongoing, formative assessment (wholly owned by schools) and the statutory summative assessment which the government prescribe to provide robust external accountability and national benchmarking (Yr1 Phonics Checks, KS1 and K2 SAT Tests). Ofsted will expect to see evidence of pupils progress, with inspections informed by our schools chosen pupil tracking data.

At Kingsfield, we are currently developing our new robust system of assessment made up of both formative (tells us what we need to do with the children next based on what they know) and summative assessments (tells us where they are performing at a particular point)

Briefly, assessment at Kingsfield looks like this:


Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment


EYFS Profile.

Ongoing Learning Journals

*Final EYFS Score for Good Level of Development, Emerging, Expected or Exceeding.

Year 1-6

Marking of work in books

Weekly Spelling Tests

Weekly Tables Tests




We are awaiting the introduction of Assessment Ladders (Sue Hackman consultancy) to use to show in-year progress.


*Year 1 - Phonics Screening Test

* Year 2 - KS1 SATS Test

* Year 6 -  KS2 SATS Tests (Reading, Maths, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

* Year 6 - Teacher Assessed Writing


Spelling Punctuation and Grammar Half Termly Progress Checks

Half Termly Writing Progress Checks

Half Termly Maths Progress Checks

Optional SAT Tests

*Statutory Requirement

All parents are issued with the Age Related Expectations for their child at the first Parents Evening of the year for Spoken Language, Reading, Writing and Maths.

The Assessment  and Data Coordinator for Kingsfield: Mrs Louise Lomax

The Teaching and Learning Manager for Kingsfield:  Miss Paula Candish.

New Baseline Assessment 2015

Next year will see the introduction of the Foundation Stage Baseline Assessment - Watch this space!

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