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At Kingsfield, the children receive a broad and balanced exciting curriculum covering the core subjects (Literacy and Mathematics) as well as foundation subjects (Science, Computing, RE, History, Geography, Art, DT, Music, PSHCE and MFL in KS2).

Children receive daily lessons in literacy, mathematics and guided reading. Foundation subjects are taught through a topic based approach, the theme for which is consistent across the school. These themes are detailed below:

Autumn Term - Discover

Spring Term - Explore

Summer Term - Create

We aim to make our curriculum as creative and engaging as possible and, through careful planning, make links across different subjects in order to make the curriculum we deliver as relevant and cohesive as possible. Click on our links, at the bottom of the page, to see what each year group is going to be studying over the Autumn Term.


In Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and in KS2 as needed, we teach phonics using the Letters and Sounds program.  For websites to help you support your child with their phonics learning, please visit our curriculum links page.

Reading for Pleasure 

At Kingsfield, we believe that reading for pleasure should be a fundamental part of childhood and we aim to develop life-long readers.  We believe that the active encouragement of reading for pleasure should be a core part of every child's educational entitlement, regardless of background or attainment. 

Children deserve a rich curriculum which encourages extensive reading of whole books and other kinds of texts. Exposure to a wide range of texts and extensive reading make a huge contribution to children's educational achievement. Kingsfield actively promotes reading for fun, enjoyment and pleasure and provides the opportunity for sustained reading with self-chosen fiction and non-fiction texts from our class book corners and school library. We aim to encourage and enable children to read and become familiar with a wide range of books by both contemporary and classic authors.

Kingsfield believes that all children should have access to a wide range of texts in different formats and genres and should have support in enjoying these texts. We will work with parents to enable this through:

  • Sending home quality texts for home reading
  • Reading with adults within school who promote a love of reading
  • Sharing whole books as a class and inviting parents in to join us
  • Shared reading with peers
  • Author visits
  • Celebrating reading events such as World Book Day
  • Ensuring that reading areas are attractive, comfortable and inviting and contain a wide range of books and variety of texts in differing formats

We believe that the encouragement of reading for pleasure in our school will have a positive impact on attainment in reading and writing, will improve the children's use and understanding of vocabulary, will encourage a passion for reading in later life and will improve a child's self confidence in reading, encouraging them to view themselves as readers.

Reading Scheme

Our reading scheme is based around Oxford Reading Tree.  We have added many other books to this to help the children develop a broader reading experience and to help them develop a love of reading.  When the children reach a certain level, they will be introduced to the Accelerated Reader system.  The children can earn points towards certificates when they take quizes based upon the books they have read. 


We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Where the Wild Things Are

Owl Babies


Farmer Duck

The Rainbow Fish

Whatever Next


Jack and the Beanstalk

The Three Little Pigs


Year 1

The Smartest Giant in Town

The Gigantic Turnip


Year 2

Mr Wolf's Pancakes

George's Marvellous Medicine

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Year 3

The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog

Please Mrs Butler

The Diary of a Killer Cat

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Year 4

The Firework Maker's Daughter

Chocolate Touch

The Rats of Nimh

Description: \\2003srv001\staff$\kirsty.millar-kent\Documents\My Pictures\website\books\firework.jpg

Description: \\2003srv001\staff$\kirsty.millar-kent\Documents\My Pictures\website\books\chocolate.jpg

Description: \\2003srv001\staff$\kirsty.millar-kent\Documents\My Pictures\website\books\rats.jpg

Year 5

There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

Description: \\2003srv001\staff$\kirsty.millar-kent\Documents\My Pictures\website\books\bathroom.jpg

Year 6

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Oliver Twist

Dragon Keeper

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