Mrs Anne Robertson

Deputy Headteacher and SENDCo


Mr Thomas Abbs

Teaching and Learning Manager


Miss Paula Candish

Phase Leaders


Mrs Clare Edmond – Early Years

Mrs Karen Piper – Years 1, 2 and 3

Miss Naomi Fitzpatrick – Years 4, 5 and 6

Pre School Manager


Mrs Rachel Green

Extended Schools Manager


Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard

Designated Persons for Child Protection


Mrs Anne Robertson, Ms Claudia Stevens, Mrs Clare Edmond, Ms Sandra Williams, Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard & Mrs Rachel Green

Year 6

Miss Paula Candish/Miss Laurie Lott (on maternity leave)
Mr Vince Harvey

Year 5

Miss Naomi Fitzpatrick
Mrs Kate Hamilton 

Year 4

Miss Amy Dodson
Mr Alister Plowman

Year 3

Miss Lucy Miles
Mrs Anouska Riggall

Year 2

Mrs Karen Piper
Miss Stacy Corrigan

Year 1

Mrs Mandy Nuccoll
Miss Angharad Thomas


Mrs Clare Edmond
Mrs Heather MacNeil
Miss Amy Birkhead


Early Years

Support Staff

Years 1,2 and 3

Support Staff

Years 4,5 and 6

Support Staff

Ms Sandra Williams (HLTA)

Mrs Kelly Petriello

Mrs Kathy Weedon

Mrs Susan Palmer

Mrs Tansy Hearn

Mrs Tracy Campbell (HLTA)

Mrs Tracy Baker

Mrs Beverley O’Neill

Miss Shelbie Marshall

Miss Faye Cockle

Miss Clarissa Bowers

Miss Wendy Murphy

Ms Valerie Barbault (HLTA)

Mrs Susan Jenkins

Mrs Nicky Collins

Ms Andrea McKenzie

Mrs Elaine Rickwood

Mrs Victoria Holt


SEN / Finance Support

Mrs Karen Edgley

Kingsfield Kites

Mrs Anita Matthews

Mrs Abigail Harvey

Family Care Manager

Ms Claudia Stephens

Pastoral Support Worker

Mr Michael Jack

Pre School Staff / Extended School Staff

Mrs Rachel Green – Manager (Pre School)

Mrs Jennie-Ann Pritchard – Manager (Extended School)

Mrs Rachel Redhead

Ms Vicky Robinson

Mrs Larrae Abblitt

Miss Martha Slack

Mrs Katherine O’Shea

Mrs Nicky Collins

Mrs Andrea McKenzie

Office Staff

Mrs Yvonne Wadlow - Office Manager

Miss Sarah Marsden - Admin Assistant

School Business Manager

Mrs Rebecca White

Site Manager

Mr Bryan Stanbridge

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Michelle Dunstan

Mrs Kathy Silvester

Miss Dawn Finch

Mrs Rachel Lennon

Mrs Linda Samways

Mrs Aimee Bullman

Ms Emma Bays

Ms Clare Hedley

Mrs Pamela Aspinall

Miss Holly Warne

Mrs Mel Stanbridge

Miss Cathy Clark

Mrs Lisa Savage

Cleaning Staff

Catering Staff

Mrs Kathy Silvester

Mrs Melanie Stanbridge

Mrs Linda Fuller

Mrs Marie Fox

Mrs Jane Garner

 Mrs Lynne McEvoy

 Mrs Trudi Godfrey

Mrs Dawn Huggins


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