In 3LM we are focusing in PSHE on keeping safe. Today we talked about the different ‘early-warning-signs’ our body gives us when we feel unsafe. We drew around each other and worked together to think of the different signs.

Year 3 had a fantastic time celebrating science week. Here is what we got up to.

Can you remember the different forces?First we cut out the template. Then we cut the straws ready to hold the wheels. We had to stick the straw onto our template. Next, we folded the template gently and attached the wheels. Lastly, we used paper to make and decorate our sails. 

Finally we raced! 

We used our creativity to make Stonehenge We became geologists! We were learning about the different type of rocks and how they are formed. We used play-dough to make igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Can you remember how each rock is formed? We made igneous rocks by pretending to be a volcano and moulding the rock. We all made sedimentary rocks by combining the different rocks. We  made a metamorphic rock too by applying heat and pressure. 

In 3AR/ED we have enjoyed learning our What A Good One Looks Like (WAGOLL) using ourTalk for Writing actions. 


3LM have been working very hard within mathematics by making hopscotches to help us learn how to order fractions.

3LM have been researching different cave paintings around the world. We tried recreating the images by painting like a caveman with our finger! 

3LM have been investigating the net of a cube. They investigated the different shapes that would create a net.

In 3LM, we have been working hard to learn all of our times tables. We have our own stickability snails to show our progress.

Sebastian achieved 145/145!  


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