Year 2SC have made some fantastic castles as part of their Kingsfield Family Homework Challenge over the Easter holidays!

Year 2SC had a great time going to see 'Room on the Broom' in Kings Lynn this morning before coming back to have a picnic lunch with the Gruffalo!

Some of the children in 2SC celebrating World Book Day.  We've had lots of fun sharing our favourite books and writing a book review.

Year 2 had an amazing time with the Kingsfield version of pancake races. We used tortilla wraps and tennis rackets instead! It was great fun, everyone got a sticker for taking part.


Erikas has worked really hard this week with his writing. He is so proud of what he has achieved!

2KP used pastels to draw their own version of Rousseau's painting 'A tiger in a storm'. We have some very good artists who were able to add lots of detail to their pictures.

Year 2 Fossils Galore

'Year 2 had a great time learning all about herbivore and carnivore dinosaurs with Fossils Galore.  They handled some real fossils, pretended to be dinosaurs and did their own dig looking for fossils!  They even got to take three of the fossils they found during the dig home!'

Our Growth mindset mascots ..... 

2KP Work At It Wendy and Tricky Trevor!

2SC - Tricky Toby and Can Do It Kyle!

2KP have been finding out about the different species that live in the rain forest. We have used our new found knowledge to design our rainforest reading area where we have displayed our jungle animal reports.

2SC had a great time at a Circus Skills event led by the Year 7 children at Neale Wade.  They learnt lots of new skills including spinning plates and ribbon twirling!

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