Our trip to the Sea Life centre @ Hunstanton 


With our topic of air,land and sea, we have tried to create our own version of Lowry's painting called "Yachts 1959"- haven't we done a brilliant job!

 We have had lots of fun making 'Rocket Mice' to investigate air force and how it works. We then used our Maths measuring skills to see how far the air force could make our mice travel. We loved using our Maths skills to investigate whether our predictions were accurate. 

 On Tuesday 28th February, Year 1 had a very special delivery from The Happy Chick Company! 15 fertilised eggs were brought into Miss Thomas' classroom and placed in an incubator. Year 1 were told that in just 1 - 2 days, we would see some little chicks beginning to hatch. By Wednesday morning, cracks were beginning to appear in a few of the eggs and at lunch time, our first chick, Clive,  hatched! By that evening, we had three little happy and healthy chicks! We were all very excited for the next day.

Miss Thomas was very surprised when she arrived at school the next morning to find twelve tiny chicks all hatched and living in the incubator. By the time school started at 8.35, we had thirteen chicks which were then moved into brooder boxes in both Miss Thomas' and Ms Nuccoll's class rooms. Over the next week, we watched our thirteen chicks grow, fed them and gave them water. During this time, we learned all about the structure of a chick and compared their structure to that of other animals. We also learned about the life cycle of a chicken -  did you know a chick begins as an egg, hatches into a chick and then grows into a chicken to start the whole process again?

Overall, we all had lots of fun learning how to care for chicks, especially gently stroking and holding them, even if this did become increasingly difficult as the chicks began to grow their chicken feathers and started to flap their wings!

Shay, Adam, Kian and Finley have been constructing some amazing pyramid and desert animal models out of Lego. Can you guess what animal Kian has built? Clue: It has a hump, which we have learned stores fat, not water!

We talked about New Year resolutions and decided to make challenges for ourselves, to try to achieve by February half term. If we achieve our challenges then our magic carpets will fly!

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